What is Gomake Makerspace?

A makerspace is a collaborative workshop for making, learning, hacking and sharing resources and knowledge. Think of it as a coworking space for software, hardware, tangible products and creative works. Makerspaces come under many names such as Fablab, Techshop, hackerspace. The ultimate goal however is ‘to enable development of products and art through sharing of resources and knowledge’.  Gomake makerspace is open to kids, adults and entrepreneurs who like to make creative products and art work using a variety of equipment including, drills, cutting tools, welding machines, 3D printers, sewing machines, moulding chemicals etc.

Fab Anything

Metal Fabrication

Cut, weld, grind, buff Metal. Working with metal is the roots of fabrication at Gomake Makerspace.

Fabrication of welding table at Gomake
Fabrication of welding table at Gomake. Metal working

Fabulous Fabric Fab

Design and prototype wearables, fashion wear and more using our domestic and industrial sewing machines and tools

Woodworking –Make that wood box

Wood working is the earliest forms of human making. Work with wood and find your inner self.

Gomake The Makerspace

Gomake is Vizag s first public makerspace