Gills hopes for more industrial safety market penetration with this partnership

Gills designs and manufactures innovative air protection equipment such as masks, respirators and air purifiers. Gills has an in-depth knowledge and experience in toxic/polluted air exposure prevention and occupational safety. Through retail sales and dedicated customer service, Gills provides the highest quality products and allied services.

AP innovation society is a nodal office for the development of start-up ecosystem in the state of Andhra Pradesh. App innovation society is based our the Madhurwada IT-SEX, Sunrise Startup complex. It has a dedicated team and a CEO exclusively overseeing the implementation of the innovation and start-up policy.

Mission and Aim of AP innovation Society

To create a world class technology start-up ecosystem by fostering entrepreneurship and a culture of innovation which contributes to increased knowledge, wealth and employment in our society

-AP Innovation Society website

Through the Innovation and Start-up Policy, the government intends to create an ecosystem that produces an entrepreneur in every family. The targets laid out for the Andhra Pradesh through this Polcy by June 30 2019 are :

  • 100 Incubators / Accelerators to be established
  • 5,000 Companies & Start Ups to be incubated
  • 1 million sq ft of Incubation Space to be developed
  • Venture Capital of Rs 1000 Cr to be mobilized for Innovation
  • Foster Innovation Culture
  • Create at least one home grown billion dollar technology start-up

Through this partnership, Gills aims to gain better market gains with the help of appropriate mentorship, targeted networking and fund raising. Expect to see Gills play a bigger role in Industrial safety in the coming months.

Register and stay tuned on the industrial services and products we will be providing.

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