What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a collaborative workshop for making, learning, hacking and sharing resources and knowledge. Think of it as a coworking space for software, hardware, tangible products and creative works. Makerspaces come under many names such as fablab, techshop, hackerspace. The ultimate goal however is ‘to enable development of products and art through sharing of resources and knowledge’.  Gomake makerspace is open to kids, adults and entrepreneurs who like to make creative products and art work using a variety of equipment including, drills, cutting tools, welding machines, 3D printers, sewing machines, moulding chemicals etc.

Why join a makerspace?

  1. Opportunity to innovate

Makerspaces foster innovation through hands-on production and experimentation. Members have the opportunity to be creative and apply personalized learning strategies to make changes to existing concepts or develop their own ideas, methods or products. 

  • Creating real-world applications for classroom concepts

Hands-on learning takes the concepts taught through lecture, video or textbooks and allows participants to move from an abstract concept to a real-world understanding. Participants are then able to practice creating solutions to real-world problems.

  • Learning to take failure in stride

In experimentation, testing, evaluating and modifying are part of the process. Participants learn how to make failure into a learning experience and not become discouraged or frustrated when something doesn’t go as planned.

  • Exposing students to new opportunities

Makerspaces provide the opportunity to learn something new, whether it is an alternate way to approach learning or utilizing new tools and resources to reach a solution.

  • Building critical thinking and problem-solving skills

The ability to think critically and effectively problem solve should be established at a young age and cultivated over time. These skills are fundamental to and enhanced by the learning experiences in a makerspace.

  • Developing a wide range of 21st century skills

21st century skills go beyond critical thinking and problem solving skills. These important skills include flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, oral and written communication, information literacy, technology literacy, productivity, social skills, leadership, initiative and more. These in-demand skill sets help to develop young minds for future success.

  • A healthier alternative to Gyms

Humans need to an active lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. Active lifestyle is one where an individual is active throughout the day and not just an hour in Gym. Makerspaces let ‘workout’ throughout the day ensuring an organic active lifestyle.

(Source: NIHF US)

What will the tour include?

  1. A walk-through of the makerspace and its facilities
  2. Open discussion on product or service ideation
  3. Consulting on project or prototype ideas

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