Swiggy changes rating system to a categorical fashion

Your restaurant rating is your credit score on the food delivery world. It can make or break your business in an impactful way. Now Swiggy is changing this as per the latest message sent to restaurant partners.

“Customer Ratings play a significant role in your restaurant’s growth. Restaurants with positive ratings always get higher customer attention and thereby more orders.

As a step towards further promoting how much your customers love you, we are upgrading the way your restaurant’s rating will be shown on the Swiggy Customer App.

Your outlet’s ratings will now be shown to customers in 3 categories (refer to the image)

a) Taste

b) Packaging

c) Portion

When a customer taps on the “Ratings” option in your menu, these icons will pop-up.

NOTE:  This rating feature will only appear for restaurants which have a min. of 80% positive feedback on the parameters of taste, packaging and portion size.

This feature will also help you assess what you are doing well, and what you can do better. So start working towards grabbing more stars from your customers and get more orders flowing in.”

While these are only applicable to high performing restaurants. We will have to wait and see who the real beneficiaries of the update will be.

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