The shitty things Swiggy does sometimes to their restaurant partners

Sometimes ordinary is not enough. We all wanted that extra chicken on our Grilled Chicken Pizza or extra cheese on a Margherita. So that’s what we did on Swiggy for BC, we made sure every pizza and other listings got relevant addons to improve customer experience. We added the addons using the Swiggy self-serve backend dashboard. All was fine and good in BC world or that’s what we thought in the beginning.

In the very next couple of orders, we could see customers picking addons for both free and chargeable extras. We examined the payment breakdown to make sure we were being paid for the extra addons. We were. Weeks passed by and we stopped paying attention to the addon charges. And it was sometime then when Swiggy just out of the blue did not collect payments for the extra addons . We were bamboozled to find out this had been going on for a whole month.

Here is a screenshot of an incorrectly billed order by swiggy:

Actions we took:

  1. Contacted our account manager who pushed the case to the local billings department.
  2. Local billings departments rectified the issue in 2 days but did not respond further on the requests to reimburse us for orders delivered with addons which could be over 100. We cannot confirm this number since Swiggy does not allow us to view addons on past orders.
  3. 3 weeks later we pushed the case to Swiggy Central team. Central team asks us to send us some order IDs with the issue.
  4. We are currently on week 4 with no resolution or payouts.

In retrospect what you should do:

  1. Always check every payment breakdown to make sure billing is accurate. While this may not not always be feasible atleast do random checks frequently.
  2. Your local Swiggy office and customer support has little or no power on past orders. Best to reach out to the central support team copying your account manager on all messages.

We are still optimistic that we will get our pending payments cleared but Swiggy is not making it easy for a blunt mistake that was theirs. I will not be surprised if Swiggy leaves us high and dry after another 4 weeks of messaging and case prolongation.   

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