A little goes a long way…

It’s a question for the wise and unwise, old and the young, literate and the unschooled. What type of pizza crust do you like? We have a winner now.

Thin crust rules

– The good people of FB
FB survey screen grab of pizza choices and results

Survey details: 31 votes total. Thin crust got 24 votes. Thick 7.  We would have liked a larger sample size but I have strange feeling the results will stand

Original Italian pizza also called artisan pizza is in some was a variant of thin crust. So the popular vote is definitely not offending the pizza gods. The thick crust and their variants are generally spinoffs of the artisan pizza as pizza became immensely popular around the world.

Lucky for you we have both delicious gourmet thin and thick crust pizzas at Basil Cantina. Order your pizza today.

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